Save the Post Office Culture

Posted by V L on

I sharpen my gaze to interrogate fallacies 

Penciling in this last year and aspiring critics I find all too insincere

Pacing around the confines of an expired calendar

Living like an ink blot polluted with fear

My days numbered by an eight-eyed engineer

Who tells me

Change can’t submit to pessimism

You better get to work, we’ve built you into a whole new operating system

Welcome to the Access Revolution

Here we’re soldiers of automation

History has never been a burden

Forget art, aide, and conservation

These are only tools for sufferings fools

Don’t be so obsessed with the dispossessed

We’re constructing in the Present Perfect tense

The conspiracy of silence and self-censorship 

How distrustful they are of sentimentalists

The wardens of cognitive busyness

Knowledge work and immaterial labor

Quick to diagnose complexities of the other

Clarity is quotidian and I’ve seen visions of heaven

Where you are an algorithm

Who calculates and loves precision

And I am a note stirring chaotically on the page 

of sheet music to someone like John Cage

A question of points, graphs, lines, and symmetry

There’s pleasure to irregularities

Navigating an era of cultural amnesia

Undetermined certainty

Where Google is god

“Ask and you shall receive”

What are you thinking? What’s on your mind?

Are you scared to share you’re dissatisfied?

Beget and forget

I prefer classified discourse

Where there’s no pressure to lecture

On truth or the future 

Our reputations are lost battles on the board

Welcome to the Fifth World